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Play Baccarat Casino Game Online with e-Baccarat.Org

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Winning Baccarat - Is there a Strategy for real?

Baccarat, the darling of European crowds is a casino game which puts you in a tryst with Lady Luck in a bid to earn her admiration and then in turn, amass riches which you would have only dreamt of.

Many gamblers keep whining that Baccarat is simply a game of luck and chalking out a Baccarat strategy is a futile effort. This is not true in its entirety as there are some options which you can explore which can help you increase your odds of winning.

Here is some Baccarat fundas which will help you lose less and earn more by playing the best bet hopefully.

Patterns, Patterns and more Patterns: Most of us would have observed some queer looking Baccarat players jotting down results of each baccarat game play on certain special casino scorecards. Spotters as they are called try to discover a hidden seemingly oblivious pattern for the results played. But don’t rely on this as unless you are an expert in probability or Chaos theory , you wouldn’t be able to catch a whisker and might end up losing everything you have got as this is in reality a mere baseless belief as the 8 decks are randomly shuffled. No wonder, online casino and land-based casino owners don't ban this practice as they know the uselessness of this strategy...! So it’s a strict no-no unless you are really keen on losing what you've got!!!

Counting em cards: This basically involves tracking the number of cards as they are played from the shoe so as to gain a seemingly distinct advantage against the playing house. This involves keeping in mind every play's cards and requires having a great deal of memory and concentration as well as an eye to spot the cards in picture. This too is of no consequence as unlike blackjack you can't change your bet in mid-hand and the advantages are so miniscule if any that it ends up being pointless

Bet on the banker and give them a run for their money: This by far is the safest and most reliable strategy to gain a decent advantage against the house as the odds are stacked up in your favor against the house by as much as 1% once you bet on the Banker. This strategy does have its downer as nowadays casinos seem to charge an additional 5% commission on every bet placed on the Banker which shouldn't get you worried though as it affirms all the more the proven efficacy of this strategy.

Although it may seem that the casino always has the upper edge, there is no game like Baccarat which allows you the player to enjoy overwhelming short term success due to a very slim house edge on the winning or the best bet. Make it a point not to chase losses and decide a winning target beforehand in order to bank accumulated winnings. Keep these tips in mind and have a riveting Baccarat experience. Last but not the least; don’t forget the most important thing, having fun! So what are you waiting for? Join the Baccarat Bandwagon!